OMB Jay Dee – Famous & Dangerous (Music Video) (Shot by Tlor)

DAMN🗣🔥🔥! It’s good to see the homie Jay Dee back home & on his bully! He been putting out that pressure right now! He was talking HEAVY on this!! Jay Dee just released his new visuals for “Famous & Dangerous which is crazy. He was dropping nothing but sauce while battling the streets. One of New York’s finest doing they thing on this one! He been putting on for New York for awhile but ever since he came home, his whole vibe been different. He went down for a little bit & came back hungry. If you ask me, Jay Dee is ready to blow!

I definitely feel like he’s underrated as a songwriter but he’s getting bigger by the day. It’s a lot of dudes cappin out here like they nice but bro showing you what’s really good & it’s not just talk. Straight violated this joinjt! He talking that talk for the real ones coming from nothing. Definitely need more of this from artists in the culture. He flamed this jawn! He came home on a mission! Tune In! Straight Sauce Out Here!

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