Production Duo Yellow Trash Can Turns A Slight Tragedy Into Triumph | @YellowTrashCan_

Yellow Trash Can (YTC), made up of multi-instrumentalist Jason Navarrete and Sony songwriter Jitta On The Track, has just dropped its first single entitled “Populated.” The Portland-based duo band’s debut song features drum and guitar work from Tripilz and Wyatt Servis and Tony Hawk, on the tambourine.

Recently released ‘Populated’ awakens nostalgia from its listeners, with a beat reminiscent of early 90s pop stirred with early 2000s alternative rock. YTC’s debut single talks about the ‘end of civilization’ as the world is ‘way too populated.’

YTC came to life when in late 2019, Jason and Jitta were hired for a gig to produce music and print merchandise for the original “Yellow Trash Can.” The company bearing the now duo’s band name tried to run off with their music and leave them with over 5,000 dollars worth of clothing and 8 unfinished records without paying the amount promised.

The pair decided to take over the company’s name and produce their music as their own. Despite starting YTC as a band, the music company’s goal is not to strictly release their music but work on production for other artists as well. Jason and Jitta opened a studio in North Hollywood with 808 Mafia’s Purps to start landing production and songwriting placements.

YTC pumps out nostalgia-driven vibes mixed with a modern-day bounce, covering all grounds from alternative rock to poppy disco through their music. Yellow Trash Can’s sound is a marriage of pop, alternative rock, hip-hop, and disco.

Stream the latest from Yellow Trash Can below including their first major placement from BlocBoy JB’s new album “Fatboy” and their debut single “Populated” featuring Tony Hawk!

Social MediaYellow Trash Can on IG 
Yellow Trash Can on Twitter

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