GuapFather Drops Visual, “King Of The Town” To Express What He Has Going On In Life


Guapfather, also known as Guap, is part of RDB (Real Drug Brothers) and grew up in Southeast D.C. on the corner of 22nd and Savannah Street in Douglas Knolls.

“I had taken a break for college but I wasn’t Comfortable at a desk. I’m comfortable on stage.”

Originally I had written the song because my mom had said to me one day she didn’t know anything about me. She went on about how She dont know where I am or any of my friends or what I do. I made the song to make a statement to everyone, especially her about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to and no matter what happens I’ll always be Me. I’m not really open and I dont vent so this Track was the best way for me to express that.

Follow Guapfather:
Instagram @Tha_Guapfather

Press: Southern Ave Tea Interview

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