Multi-platform producer Kaelin Ellis drops second instrumental album of the year

Alright, we’ve got something a little different for you today from production wizard Kaelin Ellis.

With over ten years of experience under his belt already, it’s no surprise that the Florida-based artist has taken the downtime of 2020 to work on his new album, After Thoughts. It follows the solo instrumental project MOMENTS that Ellis dropped four months back and with listeners hungry for more, the multi-platform producer has more than delivered with this new collection.

In a seamless stream-of-consciousness, we traverse through the music-filled mind of Kaelin Ellis as he lays out his thoughts on the record. While there are some upbeat tracks like ‘Moons’, there’s also sultry downbeats like ‘Clarity’. What we really love about this album are those unexpected, off-kilter twists, like the moody ‘Dub’ and ‘Bebop’.

All in all it’s a killer listen to production heads and casual listeners alike.

Twitter: @kaelinellis

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