Nada Robot Explores Toxic Consequences in “Free Love”

Alt pop collective Nada Robot succeed in creating a stunning mix of funk, pop, rock and electronica for a sound all their own. Their latest jam is entitled “Free Love” and explores the consequences of falling in love. Addam Farmer with the band shares, “people will go dirt broke for a shot at love. In the chorus, we say “they call it free love,” with emphasis on “they” because it’s unclear on whether or not “we” should call it that. Is love really free? This song serves as an existential thought experiment disguised as an indie-pop song.”

“Free Love” exemplifies the band’s signature sound. Ripe with daring melodies, soulful vocals oozing with sass, the song also features engaging instrumentation. The single follows the release of “December 1999” released in September and their debut single “Got It Good” out in late August. Nada Robot consists of Mia, Addam, Heath and Austin Farmer, all family that enjoy playing and creating music together. Each has had successes in the industry in their own right with many being apart of the popular alt rock band Island Apollo. Nada Robot is a bit of a departure for the musicians, a daring pop meets funk project that is danceable yet introspective.

Enjoy Nada Robot’s “Free Love” and remember to hold onto your own self worth.

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