South Africa’s Decked Music teams up to showcase their talent on “The Origin” EP

South African upcoming Label Decked Music geared up to release their first label EP, “The Origin” on the 27th of November.

The 7 track EP features songs from all 3 their signed artists, Appolo, Lakes and K.Louw as well as production from their in-house producer and engineer Silent Soundz. The EP not only showcases the artists lyrical talent but also tells the story of their lives at the present, tackling issues of love, financial insecurities, social injustice and more. This being Decked Music family’s introduction to the world, they decided to give the world their talent but from the heart, putting their all into the project with songs filled with raw emotion. The project mixes old school with new school as the artists rap hard over rap beats and trap melodies. Looking to put their city on the map whilst speaking on matters that they have-to deal with every day, the origin story is most definitely one that everyone should listen to as everyone can relate to the content.

The first single “Silver lining”, takes on social issues which plagues all nations, With Appolo talking on Gender Based Violence but gives it a personal twist, whilst Lakes talks on government corruption and social inequality and K.Louw brings in police brutality and racial segregation.

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