JMC Bugatti – The Fall Of P

Originally born in Bennettsville, South Carolina, JMC Bugatti or Gatti as his peers call him grew up all over North Carolina. Claiming Rockingham North Carolina as his hometown he gained a lot of life lessons in the Tre 4 area of the state Winston Salem, Greensboro, & High Point. Music was always around Gatti as he grew from either singing in the church choir or his grandfather recording him at the young age of 13. His grandfather, a lifelong musician with his main instrument being the guitar taught him everything he possibly could. 

Gatti met Rockaway, a producer from New Jersey City with the same name at the age of 15. Rockaway introduced Gatti to countless artists but the main one that stuck was MF DOOM & NAS. Over the years he’s elevated his craft and met countless producers and artists which has made for some amazing music. 9 projects since 2015 the growth and versatile style is shining more than ever what’s truly next for Gatti..guess we’ll see.

“The Fall Of P” is a love story of a young man distracted by temptation. Gatti struggles to gain his true love back expressing his feelings of regret and pain.

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Twitter @jmcbugatti 
Instagram @jmcbugatti


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