Miranda Joan’s “Ruined” Reflects on Sexual Intimacy

Neo-soul artist Miranda Joan brings back all the feels with her newest single “Ruined.” In the most heartfelt and honest way, Miranda dedicates this song to young women experiencing sexual intimacy for the first time. By using her great powers of compassion and storytelling, she engages with young ladies who may be feeling lost, used, or confused by their sexual encounters.

“Over the years I’ve come to learn what a common thing humiliating sexual experiences are for most people and especially for women. I know I’m not the first woman who has felt used after sex ” says the singer/songwriter.

The song is gentle and personal, giving the listener the feeling of safety while touching upon deeper, more uncomfortable issues. It features rich soulful vocals, beautifully composed R&B melodies, and steady beats that are perfect for relaxing or vibing to a slow dance.

“Ruined” is a single off of Miranda Joan’s upcoming album “Windbourne” which is to be released in late August of 2021. Currently residing in Vancouver, Miranda has spent the last several years in NYC working with high-profile artists such as Andy Grammar, Brandon Victor Dixon (Hamilton), Christopher Jackson (Hamilton), Surf Mesa, Lorde and Shawn Mendes.

Listen to “Ruined” here:

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