Shima & Calica Collaborate on Electro Dance Single “Don’t Wanna Die Young”

With the spotlight shining on more and more female-led creative teams, Shima is definitely a singer/songwriter to keep a close eye on. Her latest single “Don’t Wanna Die Young” is the latest from the Japanese-American singer, songwriter and producer and her co-writer, Calica.

Shima and Calica both studied music in Tokyo together and found inspiration for the song based upon their shared experiences with low-vibing, manipulative people. “The song is a commentary on the “life fast die young” mentality that plagues the music industry, and how easily you can get sucked into it via fun and wild yet careless and toxic people.”

Although the song’s meaning is rather heavy, the track is actually sunny, inspiring, and sure to be a dancefloor hit. Flowing vocals, blissful beats, and a fusion of both Japanese and English lyrics make this song interesting and will definitely put you in the mood to create some beautiful new memories with the ones you love.

Check out Shima & Calica’s “Don’t Wanna Die Young” here:

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