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Krsnafari speaks from the heart on debut EP ‘The Last Of Us’

Soft acoustic guitars, layered harmonics and meaningful lyrics provide the backdrop for the groups new project. Music for Krsnfari is about using their craft as a way to touch the lives of people far and wide in a positive way. 

Their music is brave, unconventional and beautiful. The main single the ‘Last Of Us’ is a powerful number, all three artists using their own distinct flow to deliver a solid record. Using heavy reverb in the outro’s creating an ambient spacey feel on the project.

Using influences of various genres including, R&B and Hip Hop. The group have cultivated a sound that works well and showcases each of their musical abilities. Relaying on the more organic instrumental backing, the EP flows well and each song feels like another chapter in the project.

The video for ‘The Last Of Us’ is superbly shot, some of the scenes show the group across breathtaking sand dunes in the heart of the Moroccan desert, dressed in traditional attire they each relay lyrics in various locations, at waterfall’s, mountain hills, temples and even the beach as the sun goes down. A really classy video that provides viewers with a clear vision of who Krsnfari is.

Overall ‘The Last Of Us’ is an insightful and well crafted project, a brave and exciting entry from the new group, be sure to check out the visual and stream the EP below: 


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