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Get To Know Rising Artist Vigalanty

“Finding common vibes to jam and connect on is one of the main things that music is about. It’s what helps us build deeper connections as human beings, and it’s what can truly make a musician’s career, the ability to vibe with their audience on a higher level. Vigalanty is one of those musicians, chasing the vibe before he chases fame or anything transitory like that. In fact, this is the rapper’s favorite aspect of the music industry.

“Being in a position to express my art and my emotions to the world and having a connection with people that dig that same vibe.”

The artist, known for the highly catchy tune “Haters Gonna Hate” infuses every last one of his tracks with emotion and intelligence. With a deep love of poetry to drive him, Vigalanty pens heartfelt, highly evocative lyrics that are bound to resonate with the listener, no matter what kind of music you normally enjoy. And that’s largely because Vigalanty is one of those rare artists who transcend any one given genre. In fact, he even describes himself in conversation as a multi-genre kind of artist, saying he is a “rap artist and songwriter of every genre.”

Coming at you with such an interesting, inspiring attitude, it’s not at all hard to see why Vigalanty has risen to such prominence. Not only does he put out quality music that you’ll love to vibe to, but he is also genuinely a good human being. He uses his influence and achievements to help and support the community, making that good guy vibe into a solid reality. In fact, he’s seriously bent on helping the communitythrough telling my stories of my ups and downs in life. Through my stories of having cancer going through brain surgery being near death so many times and with all that happening to me I can see the glory and all of that. That Glory goes all back to God, not even me.”

Vigalanty is also serious about following his own ideas, and not letting anyone interfere with his vision. And that’s always the mark of an artist who’s intent on caring about his music more than he cares about the success or the fame. In fact, he readily admits having turned down collaborations in the past if the other person’s goals and vision did not align with his own, feeling this might compromise his art. When asked if he’s ever turned down working with someone, he replies:

“Absolutely it would depend on if they didn’t have the work ethic that aligned with mine cuz I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to waste their time. If we’re going to work together, we have to have some type of target on site on that level like, what are we doing with the song, how we are pushing the song, are we putting money behind the song etc.”

And while it’s not for us to determine what that vision is, one thing is certain from listening to Vigalanty talk – here’s a man with a deeply rooted morality, and that shines through in his music as well.”

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