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Moe Faygoo Remixes 90’s Classic in ‘Kriss Kross’ Music Video

Moe Faygoo and Detroit-based producer Mia JayC flip the ultra iconic “Jump” hit-single from the Jermaine Dupri-discovered 90’s rap duo for his latest visual single “Kriss Kross.”

Moe Faygoo pays homage to the pair by offering a fresh take on the hit as he raps on the hook “Only time a nigga every criss-cross/When I’m on the camera like its TikTok.”

Moe Faygoo started the year off following a 2020 fourth-quarter blitz that included the release of his catchy visual singles “Help” and ” Foenem”  featuring Michigan-bred rapper Snap Dogg.

Additionally, Faygoo has applied significant pressure into 2021, having released more than five singles including “Kriss Kross” and has also been actively collaborating with artsits such as Trippie Redd, Rob Viscious and more.

Watch the full video for “Kriss Kross” below.

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