Meet: Celebrity DJ “DJ A-Rod” CEO of DJ Arod Media

Celebrity DJ “DJ Arod” CEO of DJ Arod Media is the most sought after Celebrity DJ in the industry by no surprise. DJ A-Rod was named Top 50 Mixshow Radio Record breakers in 2020. DJ AROD is the hottest young DJ in the music world, fueled by wildly popular DJ powerhouse Hittsquad DJ’s led by CEO, the Legendary DJ Mike Fresh at the wheel, is taking the industry over by conquering its many obstacles to become one of the most powerful key player in the world of breaking platinum records. This media team is Known throughout the music industry, especially Major label corridors, as the “go to” record breaking pipeline for upcoming and veteran artists.

DJ Arod of DJ Arod Media and his affiliate DJ Crew Hittsquad DJs (Dj Mike Fresh) don platinum and gold plaques from the likes of lil baby, Tyga, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Plies, and young dolph to name a few, for being apart of their process to reach global success. DJ Arod of DJ AROD MEDIA is taking the music industry by storm and fascinating young listeners through multiple social media networks, engaging listeners through their media platforms as radio station affiliate DJ’s in multiple Markets across the world, showcasing featured interviews with A-list artists (Live with DJ Arod), Hosting Celebrity private events, celebrity tour DJing, leading multiple Mixtape Series showcasing new Artists, and engineering a history of longevity and relationship management with major labels coast to coast. A well run machine takes many operating parts to run a strong engine, that’s why DJ Arod stands out as the hottest MultiMedia DJ in the game, coming from a well organized media empire, where all the organizational pieces fit for a bright future with big rewards in return. 

Follow DJ A-Rod:
Instagram: @DJ_AROD
Twitter: @DJ_AROD

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