Catbells Intrigues With “Fade- Rainy Day Demo”

Catbells is a new mysterious musical project from a New England born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her debut single “Fade” is reminiscent of early Mazzy Star with elements of Slowdive and PJ Harvey. The track narrates heartbreak and the sadness that comes along with watching someone you love move on quickly after leaving you. Soft, dreamy acoustic guitars are highlighted under Catbells’ delicate yet confident vocals.

The accompanying video features unique and quirky animation from Gris Villa, a talented illustrator. The video features a cat like human going about her evening with the pain of lost love inside her heart. Lyrics in both Spanish and English are also shown so listeners can further contemplate the song’s deep meaning. Catbells promises more music to come and her dedicated fanbase is exited for her return.

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