NAZANIN releases new single “Dangerous”

NYC singer and songwriter NAZANIN is a rising pop star set for stardom. The artist takes inspiration from her own personal trials and tribulations including failed romances. In her latest single “Dangerous” NAZANIN shows her insane vocal chops, with soulful songwriting and a confident message. NAZANIN tells listeners she will not take bulls***t and she is all about embracing her own self worth.

NAZANIN grew up in a conservative Persian-Jewish town in Long Island. Music was always her passion and she began singing at a young age inspired by other strong singers in R&B, pop and jazz. Despite the hesitancy from her family, NAZANIN knew she had to follow her dreams and pursue a career in music. We are glad she did and can’t wait to hear what is next from this talented up-and-comer.

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