Elliot Lee’s “Drama Queen” is regal and fierce pop

New York based singer/songwriter Elliot Lee is a daring artist on the rise. The musician’s latest single and accompanying music video is entitled “Drama Queen” and fuses a variety of genres for an enthralling explosion of sound. “Drama Queen” is all about a queen who became corrupt due to her fascination with material items. Greed and narcissism plague our society and Elliot Lee so eloquently showcases that in her new release. In “Drama Queen”, the viewer sees the demise of the queen and how ultimately materialism does not bring happiness.

Elliot Lee is known for her dark pop melodies, edgy production and unique artistry. Elliot is proud to be a misfit, rebel and leader of her “bubble gum army”. The singer’s music can best be described as Billie Eilish meets Korn with a dash of K Pop thrown in, an insanely cool and unique sound.

Check out Elliot Lee’s new visuals for “Drama Queen” now and enjoy the musical rollercoaster.

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