Priest Da Nomad – Out Da House | Album @priestdn @Adstmusic

Priest Da Nomad makes his return with his latest album “Out Da House”.

For the last year, people all over the world have experienced some type of dealings with the Covid-19 virus, that has unfortunately taken thousands of lives! We have had to isolate ourselves and observe all of the restaurants, nightclubs, movie and playhouse theaters shut their doors in order to do their part to fight and combat this incredible pandemic.
It has caused us to not be able to see our friends and loved ones, causing many of us to experience some sort of depression and fatigue over the situation. Now, with the vaccine rollouts and many recovering from having the virus, we are ready to make up for all the isolation time and get back to what we once took for granted. We are ready to turn up, party and just live!

Legendary Washington DC Hip Hop artist, Priest Da Nomad, has created the perfect post Covid album experience called “Out Da House”.
Structured as a complete night out on the town, after Covid restrictions being lifted, Priest takes us along for a turn up night and even rounding it out with a next day trip to a cookout, or the park while enjoying the finer things in life.

With special appearances from indie soul artists Deborah Bond, Sy Smith, and J Hill, the music is sure to be a vibe!

Please let go, release, and enjoy this fun but incredibly soulful project as we prepare ourselves to get “Out Da House”.

Check out the album and grab your copy below.




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