Dante Palminteri’s “Brunettes” is about lust, love and having fun

Acclaimed actor and emerging pop-rock artist Dante Palminteri just released a rosy tinted summer anthem with accompanying visuals for “Brunettes.”

As a sweet ode to romance, the single captures the feelings associated with finding ‘your person’ and experiencing the highs and lows of your journey together with an open mindset. Palminteri confides, “the song describes the type of person I have always been attracted to.  Someone who takes me out of my comfort zone and brings me into their world. It’s about being taken on a wild ride with someone and loving every moment of it.” While the song may have not been written to serenade for your sweetheart, Dante pinned the perfect tune to ignite sparks of lust and love, ultimately prompting you to leave your cares behind this season. A vibrant track, “Brunettes” features soaring vocals and powerful guitar riffs over an upbeat melody that washes over you like a passionate escape. The accompanying video shows Dante on a desert trip with his girlfriend as they let loose and have a good time.

In addition to making music, Dante Palminteri is also known for his roles in Sharknado 2 and Orange is the New Black and is a strong advocate for mental health issues.

 Check out Dante Palminteri’s “Brunettes” here. Relationships aren’t so bad when the weather is beautiful outside!

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