Modern Original’s Sophomore Track “I’m an Alien” is clever, fun and engaging

Meet Modern Original, the latest psych pop band with singer/guitarist Josh Hogan and drummer Andy Warren from hit indie band The Mowgli’s. After releasing their debut single “Turn it Around” last month, the duo returns with their latest offering “I’m an Alien” – and ironically, it couldn’t be more relatable.

In “I’m an Alien,” Josh and Andy have a bright message for the oddballs, weirdos, outsiders, and black sheep. It explores the concept of being disconnected from society, but also delivers an important truth about self-awareness. The band confides, “It’s ok to feel disconnected, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. This is where the healing begins. The synth lead in the bridge is for the moment when you accept yourself for who you truly are.” Featuring catchy, upbeat soundscapes and a jovial melody, this good-natured track doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you.

Check out Modern Original’s “I’m an Alien” and remember that we are all a little weird, and that’s okay.

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