Miranda Joan releases “Dans Ma Poche”

Canadian singer Miranda Joan is encouraging you to “eat well and party on” in her new French single “Dans Ma Poche”. The fun, lighthearted, nu-disco track is all about her alter ego, a French DJ named NUNI and what fun things she wants to carry in her pocket which include, no you did not guess it- pastries! Featuring driving bass, echoing warm vocals and a delicious melody, “Dans Ma Poche” is the good time song we all need in our lives.

Miranda Joan started releasing music in 2017. Her songs are genre-bending gems including elements of pop, Neo-soul, electronic and Jazz. Known for her dynamic live performances in NYC, where the artist currently resides, the Canadian-born artist is set to unveil her debut album this fall. Dance to “Dans Ma Poche” now and remember do not count those calories in your favorite pastry.

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