SaintAhmad takes us into the “Clouds”

Rising R&B crooner and gay icon SaintAhmad returns with an intoxicating new single all about his love for weed. Entitled “Clouds”, the seductive track impresses with buttery-smooth vocals over a kaleidoscope of R&B-drenched hip hop soundscapes. “Clouds” was written in the height of the pandemic when the singer was smoking a lot of weed while quarantining in Miami. He confides, “I wrote “Clouds” through the lens of having a sexual relationship with smoking weed. I found this to be the best way to express my current circumstances and the way that I felt about myself during that time. The song toys on the line of hyper sexuality and rolling a blunt. Imagine rolling a blunt in the most sexual way possible.”

In the accompanying visuals, SaintAhmad is seen cuddling up to a lover with the backdrop of a sexy NYC skyline. It’s summer and SaintAhmad is living his best life, chilling, loving and smoking.

The Brooklyn based artist is not only a prolific singer and songwriter but also a well known dancer. His unique ability to push boundaries musically has poised him as an inventive genre-blending newcomer. Take a listen to “Clouds” now and get lost in the haze.

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