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Zoot – Nobody

Inspired to inspire, the Persian born rapper, producer, songwriter – Zoot, started music at 4 years old. Beginning with flute, xylophone, chorus and the Iranian santoor, Ardalan aka Zoot found his passion at a young age. Given the limited freedom in Iran, the middle eastern rapper moved to Atlanta, GA at the age of 13 and started recording songs on his iPhone shortly after. Since then, he’s been striving to deliver unique music that impacts and captivates listeners. After creating some buzz with his song “+” with SoFaygo which amassed over 500,000+ streams in total still going and his self titled mixtapes “Zoot” with Donny Bravo! , Luh Gman & BHM Zone – the 19 year old started releasing singles every 2 weeks with a music video in 2022. Formerly known as Zonouzi – his last name – Zoot changed his artist name after a conversation with Atlanta rapper Russ.

He’s the type of artist who can get deep but also can jump on trendy beats. His last project received a great response from fans, leaving them excited for more. Some of his catalog has good replay value. Him & Donny Bravo are a nice duo lowkey. Hope I see more heat from them two. Zoot definitely out here grinding, from the music to the production being on point. Some of his best music yet. He saucing his way up. That Sauce though!


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