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First Day Feature: Canadian Hip-Hop collective STAYOUTLATE bring us up to date on last release FABERGÉ

4-piece alternative hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE are the latest Canadian exports makingnoise across the pond with their dynamic flows, conscious bars and melodic delivery, courtesy of the group’s mixed bag of musical talents. Back with their incredible debut album,  Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf sit down to discuss hip-hop, musical inspirations and all things FABERGÉ

How are you feeling right now & what’s one thing you’re grateful for in this moment? 

Scotty: Last night’s fun did not result in a hangover. This is a huge win. Im Grateful for all the people around me that I consider family both inside and outside of STAYOUTLATE 

YoungWolf: My family, my friends, my team. THE FANS! Oh man the fans and supporters keep us hungry. 

Tremayne: I’m feeling blessed and highly favoured and I’m grateful for my body and mind, because the stress I’ve been under I don’t know how they handle it all. 

Charlie Noiir: I’m Anxious. I always say my time is my time and right now I feel like I’m living in it. Kind of weird to be aware of the good ol days before they’re the good old days. But I’m grateful for my dog dem and the people in my life that never let their belief in me die. 

Tell us about STAYOUTLATE, how did you find each other and form a collective? 

Scotty: Me and Trey used to Skip class to Make music in my basement or his. We were the ‘rappers’ of our high school. That elevated to becoming the music/ party guys downtown and that’s how you meet more amazing people following your path. Hence Charlie and Mikey 

YoungWolf: I was actually initially introduced to Scotty first, which later led to me showing up to their parties they would host downtown, Met Tre and Charlie soon after .. then from there before I even made any music with any man. I was basically just inducted into SOL and now here we are. 

Tremayne: I might be completely wrong about this, but I think the day I met Mikey was at an AP after one of our parties, after about a year of our mutual friend Shak gassing him up as this ill ass producer. I was skeptical, but now we have a whole ass project out and I owe Shak a gold bottle of bottega for introducing us. 

Charlie Noiir: on a spiritual ting we’ve known each other all our lives. Every choice we individually made led to us meeting and eventually creating. It was inevitable. 

How would you describe your sound to someone whose never heard it? 

Scotty: Lupe Fiasco + Young Thug 

YoungWolf: Unique, Vibing, Artistic, Energetic, Emotions and sweet sweet bass and melodies. 

Tremayne: if you’re expecting something simple to 

Understand you’ll hate me. If you like being challenged in sound and lyrics you’ll love me.

Charlie Noiir: can’t describe it. I take a different approach to a song depending on which producer I’m working with at the time. Can’t be described, it has to be experienced. 

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations, hip-hop or otherwise? 

Scotty: Jayz, My older brother, Movies, soundtracks. I think I hear things in other art forms and places that non artists would never pay attention to. My Shazam list is mad lengthy. I also have audio recordings of subway noises, construction sites, stuff like that. That gets me going 

Tremayne: Kanye for sure musically and in a lot of ways as a creative, Jay z as a human and a businessman. 

Charlie Noiir: anything from gospel to rap to rock to country to reggae to soca. Good music is good music. I take my inspirations from anything that moves my soul. 

YoungWolf: Anything that can give me goosebumps when I listen. I love so many different styles and sounds it’s just way too hard to go ahead and choose one. 

FABERGÉ is a fantastic debut album, what do you think are the stand-out tracks for you & why? 

Scotty: Thank you! every single track stands out for a specific reason so it’s hard to choose. But I have a moment on Say So that I would recommend listening to for anyone who’s a fan of me specifically because it’s more candid than I usually am and I rarely touch on that part of my story. 

Tremayne: That moment in say so with Scotty is definitely a top contender, and talk to me nice is up there as well cause Charlie’s pen really was not playing around. 

Charlie Noiir: Tre verse on strings and Scotty verse on sayso after you listen you’ll understand. 

YoungWolf: Oh man this question again hahaha. I always answer the same thing so i’ll switch up. Charlies verse on Body Roll for the hook is just my all time favourite though, that shit just hits 

The album is named after the famous Fabergé Egg ornaments, what’s a dream item you’d like to own that signifies luxury or craftmanship? 

Scotty : Ouuu *rubs hand together* i’ve never really been a huge object person. More of a ‘people’ person if you know what I mean. Some well crafted people I got my eye on. I’m a big fan of guns(starting a collection) maybe architecture, or video game design. Instruments! I like electric guitars and obscure instruments like the hang drum.

Tremayne: I’m a huge fan of art and have a small collection that I definitely want to continue to build on with maybe another Murakami, a Rothko, other than that super into home and design. Would love the ligne roset sofa to match my chair and maybe a Mario Bellini. 

Charlie Noiir: This is my favourite question! Growing up my parents, aunts and uncles all had a room in their house that nobody could go into. Everything in that specific room was basically priceless to them. I basically want that but everything is going to be Gold. And when I say everything I MEAN everything lol. 

YoungWolf: Oh yeah this question is proper hahaha! To be honest I love gold as you may be able to tell from my style AHAAA! But um yeah I would love to one day own a pair of gold plated CDJS. I think that would be just a super heavy flex on my part too haha YEEEUUURRRR! 

What’s a goal you’d like to achieve as a group, a milestone you’d like to tick off? 

Scotty: Stay rich friends. Most bands or groups break up after they get money for a couple years, we all came together as friends before music. It’s gta stay that way until we’re old. 

Tremayne: I’m tryna perform to a 20k plus crowd and crowd surf from the stage to the end of the crowd and back. 

Charlie Noiir: what my guy Scotty said 

YoungWolf: Yeah facts on what Scotty said, also to be able to get on a really big festival stage so we can play out this entire album and everything else we about to put out 

Can we expect any visuals from this release? What’s next for STAYOUTLATE? 

Tremayne: It all depends on how much the fans ask for some. They seemed to like Lavish and we’d love to give them more if they want it. 

Charlie Noiir: Mo content Mo content Mo content!! YoungWolf: The content will literally never stop. It’s what we do

Tremayne Instagram || Scotty IV Instagram ||  Charlie Noiir Instagram || YoungWolf Instagram

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