Sam Pine’s “Why Can’t U?” is a psych pop bedroom jam

Denver bred Sam Pine has unleashed his latest single “Why Can’t U?” and we are loving this exploration of sound. The track is off of his just released album Evergreen, a nine track collection of experimental pop songs that detail the singer/songwriter’s difficulties during quarantine. Like many of us, Pine experienced extreme episodes of anxiety and trouble with introspective thoughts that impacted his mental health.

In “Why Can’t U?”, he explores how relocating back to his childhood home in Denver, affected his relationships in Los Angeles. With thumping bass, harmonizing soulful vocals and playfully complex landscapes, “Why Can’t U?” is a wild musical journey. Sam Pine’s influences are varied and you can hear it in his songs everything from Jazz, lofi, bedroom pop to folk. It’s like Still Woozy had a family with Macy Gray and Bloc Party, a crazy fun family.

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