Tall Heights release anthemic “Hear It Again”

Boston bred duo Tall Heights have built a substantial following with their harmonious layered vocals, infectious songwriting and their original blend of folk and pop. Now they have unleashed a joyous song all about coming out of the pandemic and into the light. Entitled “Hear It Again”, the band confides, “its a reverberating cry from the days of quarantine, a cry that has joyfully been answered. The writing process started on a pre-pandemic tour with Ben Folds, and was finished and recorded in pandemic isolation. The song is impregnated with this tension between 2 lost sanctuaries: home at home and home on the road. As the lines blur between the two, ultimately a feeling prevails that there is only one course back to peace for Tall Heights: band on tour.” And back on tour they are, with multiple “backyard tour dates” scheduled.

The duo is composed of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington whose friendship blossomed as teens when they started performing music together. Through the years, they have toured relentlessly as well as released prolific songs resonating with listeners around the globe. “Hear It Again” is a bit more of an indie pop departure for the band with striking cello, dreamy synths and soaring vocals. We are loving their new sound and can’t wait to hear what is next.

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