Sierra Blax releases sleek pop tune “Box of Chocolates”

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Sierra Blax is a refreshing artist on the rise. Blending soul, R&B, pop and even blogwave, Sierra Blax concocts a delicious and sultry musical fusion that is equally ear-pleasing as it is relatable. Her latest single “Box of Chocolates” is a reminder to ourselves that this too will pass. The dark times complete with gut-wrenching loss can change us but Sierra encourages the listener to lean into acceptance and moments of joy, to overcome the sadness. She confides, “You can think of ‘Box of Chocolates’ as a love letter to one’s higher self. Through times of sorrow and pain you eventually have to come to a place of acceptance and love; this song represents the navigation through all those emotions.”

“Box of Chocolates” radiates with Sierra’s luminous vocals complete with a seductiveness rarely heard in pop music today. With floaty synths, deep bass and throwback infused melodies, “Box of Chocolates” is the “take care of yourself anthem for today.” The single follows the funk-fueled “INYIM” released last month.

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