The Holy Knives “Born To Die” is not hopeful, but it’s honest

Indie-rock meets new wave duo The Holy Knives just released their all new single “Born To Die” and the song is a candid recount of the dark times that we are currently facing in the word today. Bringing together elements from 80s goth, new wave, and modern rock, The Holy Knives masterfully connects the dots and creates a fusion of sounds that feels original, creative, and cinematic.  The band confides, “the song started in late-pandemic isolation days when I found myself turning more and more to the internet for social connection. I realized eventually that it was not comforting at all and was in fact more isolating and sometimes pretty menacing. There were a lot of dark things being spread on social media like false information, conspiracy theories, hate, anger, and fear.”  The song features introspective melancholy lyricism, gripping vocals that pull you deep into the song’s message, and dark soundscapes that reflect gloomy and nostalgic atmospheres. The track was produced by Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit, who ties the sonics together effortlessly for a full-bodied, masterful delivery.

The Holy Knives are a brother duo originally from New Orleans and now residing in Los Angeles. After releasing two EPs last year, “Born to Die” marks the start of a new era for the band, who is set to release more singles and an album in the near future. After touring non-stop before the pandemic, we can’t wait to see these guys play shows again.

Check out “Born To Die” from The Holy Knives for a grim and thought-provoking musical escape.

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