Armani Jackson says ‘bye’ to all the haters in “She Won’t Stop”

Alt hip hop artist Armani Jackson just dropped his all new single for “She Won’t Stop” and the track oozes with clever lyrics, smooth flow, and fresh dynamic production. The artist was inspired to write this song after putting up with the weight of manipulative people for far too long. Armani confides, “I wrote ‘She Won’t Stop’ about not being able to catch a break from life’s daily annoyances including a girl who won’t stop hating on your name. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that.” In the social media age, anyone can be a target for bullying and the singer/songwriter puts out a relevant message for all the people out there trying to make others feel small. 

Armani Jackson is also a well-respected actor, starring with Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter, Lionsgate’s Cooties, and has a lead role in the TBS/HBO Max series Chad.

Check out “She Won’t Stop” here and keep shining, no matter what people say. 

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