Andrew Smith’s “Twenties” is nostalgic, honest, and hopeful

NYC based indie pop artist Andrew Smith just released his latest single “Twenties” and the vulnerable track is all about the pressures of being a young adult in the fast paced, competitive society of today. The artist confides, “I spent many years of my twenties putting my personal life on the back burner. Am I falling behind!? When I’m being critical of myself, my demons say that I’m late to the party. I’m “falling behind. This has been a huge lesson as I navigate self-acceptance and self-love.”Featuring soft vocals, glistening synths, and a simplistic melody, the song feels both inviting and personal and the listener can’t help but connect with what Andrew is feeling, and how this song relates to one’s own life.

Andrew Smith is a talented singer-songwriter and pianist that is known for his warm, synth driven music that is laced with transparent messages.The songwriter confides, “Many of my songs are born of reflections I have about my life, or discoveries made in therapy, etc.” With much more music and an EP on the way, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for the rising artist.

Check out Andrew Smith’s new single “Twenties” here and know that it’s all alright.

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