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Listen to Du’val’s trap-backed soulful single ‘Moments’

Du’val’s artwork for his latest EP single ‘Moments’ takes a brief minute to education you, tell us that the sincere meaning of the word is “a brief, indefinite interval in time” or “a specific point in time, especially the present time. A point in time that is gratifying of noteworthy” – this really drives home to message of the song. Over a tightly-knit trap beat, the UK-based songwriter sings in a genuine and soulful tone with a great sense of yearning that shows just how much this creative cherishes the small events in time. His attention to detail throughout the lyrics brings up sensory imagery, whether that’s touch, smell or sight, he translates his experience fully.

His wide range of influences from rock to indie to pop to grime to trap to soul to RnB, gives this EP an elemental depth that makes this artist hard to define. One thing we do know is that Du’val is a genuine artist and we can’t wait to see (and hear!) what the future has in stall for him.


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