Mr. Forge – We Love You (ft Ariano) | Single @cosmicchicano @arianomusic

In a world overwhelmed with loss and relentless uncertainty over the past year and a half, it has been easy to mourn and hard to smile. But challenging times often lead to intensely powerful forms of artistic expression.

Such is the case for Los Angeles born and raised rapper Mr. Forge, who teams up with artist/producer Ariano on the new single, “We Love.” Mr. Forge has never been shy about addressing his personal trials and tribulations in his music and “We Love” is an open book that recounts the pain of losing a loved one while trying to find closure in a time when saying goodbye is more difficult than ever.

Mr. Forge is not only elevating his sound on “We Love” but serving up an unfiltered honesty with the rasp of every vocal delivered, making you feel the turmoil of the moment. Ariano’s production is intense and heavy, mirroring Forge’s delivery. While the track embraces sorrow, it also channels a light and hope in the uplifting vocal arrangements within the hook and bridges.

Finding closure within profound loss can be a heavy burden but one thing is for certain…art can heal, not only the person creating it but the person experiencing it as well. “We Love” marks an evolution in Mr. Forge’s sound and Ariano’s production. “We Love” is the first single off a forthcoming album by Mr. Forge, produced by Ariano.

Check out the track below.


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