Volume 10 – Akhenaten 2110 | Album @dinohawkins

It’s 2021, and Dino Dwayne Hawkins is living his best life!
Married for a few years now, to rap artist/actress, Tomeicko, whose also on several songs on the new album, Volume 10 is recording his most creative works to date.

Volume 10’s historic hip-hop birthright has finally come to light with his current album, “AKHENATEN 2110”.

“I see the importance of me showing that with age doesn’t come the end of a career, but the beginning of mastered art and creativity, and wisdom; You know, I couldn’t have gotten this age without experiencing and learning many things in this life”.
The rapper keeps a positive, spiritual outlook on life. He maintains a healthy lifestyle after years of abusing his body. Keeping his heart and mind balanced has helped this gifted rap-legend throughout this topsy-turvy music business.

The formidable hometown hero of Los Angeles, and original member of Los Angeles’
Heavyweights Crew, is striking the hip-hop respectability charts, with hot lyrical content, and styles upon styles on his most current project, “AKHENATEN 2110”.

Dino, known as Volume 10, is blending his trademark “stretch” rap style with hip, radio friendly, trap productions. One interesting thing about his musical collaborations is that his son, Dino Hawkins, Jr. produced several of the tracks.

“MOONROX”, The first single off of the new album, explodes with flavor. “Great Scotts’/ I caught the couchlock / I smoke the moonrox/ My whole crew brain rots/ no hops/ we even smoke with cops/ on your locks/on the block / I burn this bitch up”, 10 decries on the hook, right before Fat Lip (The Pharcyde), and Otherwize join in, with similar fun, roller -coaster rhymes.

Check out Volume 10’s new album and grab your copy below.


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