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Solo Skie – Romantixxx [EP]

Let’s get it! Rising new Latin pop/rap artist Solo Skie emerging from Denver, Co (The Mile High City) with some new sauce! Turning up the volume in his city as he strives for the masses with this new music. Solo Skie recently released an EP titled “Romantixxx” which is on all platforms right now! His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. In 2014, Solo Began his career & since then not only has he made a lane for himself but continues to break barriers for other upcoming Latin pop/rap artists. He joined a subscription based Label/community (HRDRV) in 2020 thus finding himself new collaborators to network with & not only that but also a place to call HOME.

Since then, Solo has released singles and also written for fellow artists in the label as well. His creative sauce is everywhere! In recent time, He released his first Spanish single “ELLA”. After he saw the positive feedback people, friends, fans, Label mates he made a turn into the Latino Market. Fast forward to now “ROMANTIXXX” The EP is straight fire! Featuring production from Willis, SvuceGxd, Snapaholic Beatz. Shifting into gear he’s prepared “ROMANTIXXX” is just that how it sounds but with a potion of Latino trap + melodic vocals (a true Latin love experience). “As I continue to strive to reach the masses trough the power of music the only thing on his mind is WINNING” he says!

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