Gal Musette’s “Oliver” is about love, pain and longing

Folk meets indie pop artist Gal Musette just dropped her latest single entitled “Oliver.” Celebrated for her poetic lyricism, heartfelt confessions, and her signature delicate flowing vocal delivery, the talented young artist has been garnering widespread attention lately, her new single even being a collaboration with acclaimed Grammy-winning artist Rufus Wainwright, who provided back-up vocals on the new track.

In “Oliver,” the songwriter reminisces on a past love, when her dying affections weren’t shared by her partner, thus creating a classic tale of unrequited love and heartbreak.Gal confides, “It started out as a letter and later turned into a song. To me this song is about feeling alone in a crowd, feeling ignored by the one person you want attention from, and having the epiphany of what all these millions of love songs are about on this planet.” Featuring a classic folk inspired melody intertwined with acoustic guitar and brilliant vocals, the song is as touching as it is relatable for anyone who has experienced a similar hardship in life.

Gal Musette is a singer songwriter and pianist who has toured with the likes of The Magnetic Fields, Donavon Frankenreiter, among many others. “Oliver” is off of her upcoming full-length album Backwards Lullaby, which is set for release on October 1st. Gal’s classically trained background gives her a unique edge in the current music landscape and we can’t wait to hear more from the rising artist. 

Listen to “Oliver” here:

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