Guyville’s “Nothing” is a good time

Southern California based duo Guyville is the new musical project from songwriters and musicians Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander.  Joined together by their love of Liz Phair and early country music, the two started writing music together under Phair’s famous album title.  The result is a mix of Americana and 90s-inspired alt rock with a pop sensibility, for an explorative sound all their own. 

In their debut single “Nothing”, the two command attention with gritty guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums and a delicious pop country chorus. “Nothing” is all about that amazing feeling when you are over your ex completely.  Your former love literally means “nothing” to you. This freeing feeling resonates in Guyville’s new song. The duo have concocted a fun-loving and heartfelt tack all about closure, and we are here for it. 

Check out “Nothing” now and leave that ex behind. 

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