Casii Stephan delivers an authentic performance in “These Hard Days”

Tulsa based singer songwriter Casii Stephan just released her raw and honest single and visuals for “These Hard Days.”  After a tough year of struggle and unprecedented circumstances globally, the songwriter offers a transparent confession that details her dark emotions surrounding the chaotic turn of events. Known for her ability to empathize, connect, and guide others through her thoughtful lyricism and warm melodies, “These Hard Days” is yet another brilliant display of Casii’s talent as a masterful songwriter. 

In “These Hard Days,” the song reflects on the conflicting emotions felt during the pandemic. Casii confides, “I wish this song wasn’t relevant again. But here we are – wondering what the future holds. My hope is that this song gives you permission to scream out your rage, sorrow, and confusion. Cause we’ll never be the same.” Beautifully written as a love letter to others, the song radiates with heartful lyricism atop intricate piano notes for a delicate yet moving piece. Instead of neglecting the need to feel darker feelings, Casii encourages others to accept and move through their uncomfortable emotions as part of being human.

Casii Stephan is a dedicated songwriter and musician who is inspired to “craft real, authentic, soulful music with the intention to help others feel a little less alone.” Her work has been recognized globally, receiving nominations in the Independent Music Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards and USA Songwriting Competition to name a few.

Listen & Watch Casii Stephan’s “These Hard Days” here.

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