CAL drops hopeful breakup anthem “Roll the Credits”

Los Angeles based artist CAL just released his addictive new track called “Roll the Credits.” The artist, who was formally the frontman for acclaimed indie pop group Timeflies, began his solo career back in 2015 and is currently signed to Photo Finish Records. 

In “Roll the Credits,” CAL tells the highly relatable narrative of when it’s time to call it quits in a failing relationship.The artist confides, “I wrote this song from the perspective of a close friend who was staring down the barrel of a brutal breakup. It’s really easy to hear someone else’s story and give them advice because you don’t have all the baggage and intricacies of a long emotional relationship. But after hearing what I heard all I could say was, you’re just dragging this thing out cuz you don’t know what the end will look like—but from here it’s lookin like it’s already over.It’s a sad topic, but the music is so happy almost saying ‘just end it, keep your head up’.” Although the song marks the end of a chapter, musically it is vibrant and energetic, giving off a message of hope for what’s to come next. With a tuneful melody and a driving indie pop hook, CAL’s stunningly compelling vocals pull the listener in for a kaleidoscopic sonic ride. 

 “Roll the Credits” is CAL’s fourth single from his forthcoming EP. Check out his music here or find him on TikTok where he is a celebrated producer for some of the biggest names on the platform.

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