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First Day Feature: Hackney’s soul-pop rising star Albert Gold

Following up from his recent single and DIY music video ‘WANT ME’ (read our review here), Hackney born artist Albert Gold is making another splash with his Patterns EP. Self-described as perpetually heartbroken, this multi-talented creative dips into that emotional well and has transformed those trials of the heart into vibrant yet touching soulful pop tracks. Below we get to know Albert and his EP a little better.

Let’s start by talking about Patterns EP, is there a theme or sound that ties all the tracks together?

I would say I was listening to alot of new soul , alt rnb – Plus a lot of 70s music too, also spent a lot of time especially during covid just studying new artists-disclosure , Ari Lennox , lucky daye , nao , KAYTRANADA and the way they fused soul and groove but in a really cool interesting way.

Do you have a personal favourite song from the EP?

It changes all the time , I think it’s between “LET IT GO” and “WANT ME” the way those songs came about -was just so easy and I’m very proud of myself lyrically with them.

You talk about how the impact of covid played a role in your songwriting, what did you miss about “normal” life while in lockdown?

It was actually interesting it gave me a chance to sit down and really understand how I was really feeling , when I write I like to sit in bed and think about how I’m feeling , sometimes cry , laugh and then write -it sounds weird but it’s like personal therapy.

Tbh I didn’t really miss normal life at all! Am a Very introverted person so silence and my own thoughts was kinda fun plus I do love my own company.

Have you been to any gigs yet? Or plan to go to any in the near future?

I did a show end of September and performed all the new songs , was really fun , also went to yam carnival which was interesting ha Nothing plan atm.

Tell us about working with a small label like Fierce Panda as an emerging artist?

They really give me the freedom to be creative has I want , some of my mates are signed to major labels and Ive always heard the trouble they’ve had over creative direction , release , sometimes the music doesn’t even come out , I guess it’s the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen”

But with fierce panda they have always supported me and my vision and have helped me especially when I’m panicking which I do a lot hahaha .. they are family they have helped me grow as an artist.

Has living in Hackey and amongst fellow creatives in that area affected your approach to music in any way?

1000% just growing up in Hackney I’ve met a lot of musicians! that have helped pushed my singing , my songwriting the culture here is amazing and I try to be as honest in music as I can.

Before we sign off, what’s one thing you’d like listeners to take away from the EP?

To know theirs a lot more music and ideas to come and it feels like a whole new musical era for me , just to enjoy the ride And hopefully u can learn some things about yourself the ep has done all that for me.

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