Rebel Kicks soar in “We Should Go Missing”

NY based Rebel Kicks create a riveting explosion of sound that can be described as anthemic, catchy and innovative. In their latest single “We Should Go Missing”, the duo  explore escaping, daydreaming and going inward to help find solace during hard times.  Confiding, “The song is a metaphor for daydreaming of escape, which we think a lot of people can relate to in these dark times that we’ve been living through. Ultimately, it’s about finding that inner tranquility we all seek, freeing your mind from the daily stresses and anxieties that we all deal with. It’s important for us to convey a positive, hopeful message, and that’s been a recurring theme in a good amount of songs that we’ve been developing over the last year or so.”

Rebel Kicks is composed of brothers Anthony Babino and Steven Babino. The duo collaborated with producers and fellow songwriters Jackson Hoffman and Ryder Stuart on their latest single and upcoming releases.  

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