Emerging independent artist LESANE has been making noise with his video for “HOUDINI” – a pop-punk-leaning anthem with hip-hop elements t

hat breaks through all preconceived notions of the music a young, black, UK-based artist is expected to make. 


Directed by Nicholas Jandora (Lil Skies, Blackbear, TheHxliday, & more) “HOUDINI” follows LESANE on an unpredictable journey as he “disappears and reappears like Houdini” through an endless field skatepark and more locations across Los Angeles.

“Houdini” was released via streaming platforms on July 16th after a snippet of the single went viral on TikTok, quickly gaining over 3.9M views in less than a week. “HOUDINI” quickly rose into the Top 50 of SoundCloud’s “New & Hot: All Genres” and “New & Hot: Hip-Hop” Charts. Like the legendary escape artist Houdini, LESANE refuses to be kept in a box.

LESANE is an artist partner of UnitedMasters, the unique platform helping indie artists distribute their music and broker brand deals.

About LESANE:Born and raised in Handsworth, a small ghetto in the heart of Birmingham UK LESANE has a really unique ear for melody and a constantly evolving “genre-less” sound that incorporates elements of rap rock and contemporary R&B. Recently he’s leaned towards creating music that features a mix of rap, pop-punk and emo that he affectionately refers to as “emo trap”. LESANE is influenced predominantly by American artists like Chief Keef, 2PAC, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Michael Jackson. LESANE is currently winning fans across the world with his undeniably catchy single “Don’t Do Drugs”, an uptempo anthem that blends emo, pop-punk (think Blink 182), hip-hop, and a positive message. LESANE is an artist partner of Steve Stoute’s UnitedMasters a platform that gives artists access to premium music distribution services, a suite of tools to help them directly connect with fans, and opportunities for unique partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands.


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