Only Bricks change the status quo in “Smile, It’s Over :)”

Santa Monica based pop rock duo Only Bricks is back with their new single and video entitled “Smile, It’s Over :)”. According to the duo, composed of husband and wife Joseph Lewczak and Anne DiGiovanni, the song, “is our swan song for everyone who’s ever raged against corporate America. It was written to honor this transition of mine, to give voice to that inner celebration we all do, no matter how much we’ll miss the people or places or projects we inevitably say farewell to.” 

As more and more people leave corporate gigs to pursue their passions, vocalist Anne created this song as her farewell letter to her corporate law job and a hello to her full time music career. The song has many elements – a driving pop punk energy, a familiar 90s infused melody, and even a bit of teenage angst in her vocals – which come together to form a bold track that perfectly depicts the unapologetic and ever changing energy of the current times. Guitarist Joseph Lewczak further adds, “This song was such a fun collaboration with our friends Kayleigh (Torok) and Clifton (Jennings).  We wanted to flip the niceties of the standard work goodbye email on their head and say what everyone really wants to say but never does.”

In the music video for “Smile, It’s Over :)” playful, colorful scenes narrate Anne’s transformation from her former mediocre lifestyle to a whimsical mermaid playing joyously in a kiddie pool while the others carry on with their mundane lives.

Check out the video for  “Smile, It’s Over :)” and remember that sometimes the greatest risks result in unexpected rewards. 

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