Elliot Lee collaborates with Letdown. for infectious “Airplanes”

New York based artist, musician and singer Elliot Lee has just unveiled their new single. Entitled “Airplanes”, the songwriter enlists the help of rock meets pop singer Letdown. The track is a narration of dealing with anxiety particularly Elliot Lee’s fear of flying. The artist confides, “a lot of things in life terrify me. If I had to make a list, flying would probably be number one, and right underneath it would be things like “disappointing people”, “taking up too much space”, and “societal pressure to conform to a gender binary.”

The vibrant electronic pop single is a unique kaleidoscope of musical expression with Elliot Lee and Letdown. taking turns on lead vocals. The duo have crafted a song that is raw, infectious and impactful with a relatable subject matter to boot.

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