xiv and biosphere team up with R&B songstress Ziya for “Let You Go”

Asian American artists xiv and ziya just teamed up for an all new single entitled “Let You Go.” The song is from xiv and producer biosphere’s collaboration album Calamity, which explores a plethora of new sounds while also being heavily influenced by a mix of classic and alt R&B.

In “Let You Go”, the track highlights xiv and Ziya’s smooth, soulful vocals as they paint the picture of toxic love, emotional baggage, and the agonizing feeling of having your heart broken over and over again. Differing from the artist’s typical sound, the track brilliantly showcases the fluidity of xiv and biosphere’s work together, and their natural talent as evolving artists. The song is relatable to anyone in a relationship point of no return, and offers comfort to those feeling alone.

xiv is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter, xiv (short for excuses in vanity) is a Toronto based, Asian-Canadian artist who is not afraid of experimentation. Caught between two worlds of the East and West, he aims to fuse elements of both musical styles to bring a unique and distinct sound to fans all across the world. From catchy Pop melodies that are prevalent in today’s K-Pop records to silky smooth sonics of Western R&B, xiv is determined to bridge this gap, all while inspiring the next generation of Asian artists.

biosphere is an Asian-Canadian, 21-year-old composer and producer based in Toronto. He initially experimented with the lo-fi/hip hop sound but has recently ventured into R&B, soul, and orchestral styles.  Classically trained in piano and a saxophone player from a young age, he gradually became inspired to compose music of his own. His music is strongly influenced by his classical roots and his many years playing in a jazz environment. 

Check out the new track “Let You Go” featuring Ziya here:

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