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Get to know why TampaMystic is The Industries Most Wanted

Thank you for spending time with us TampaMystic. Please introduce yourself.

Greetings, my name is Misty aka TampaMystic. I’m a radio personality and content creator. Originally from Tampa Florida, I’m now living in the Atlanta area. I’m the Owner of Mystics Entertainment LLC, Industries Most Wanted LLC & The Hype Music Group LLC. I’m also Co-CEO of The Grynd Report Media Group LLC.

How did you get started in radio?

A DJ friend of mine made some connections for me. After a few different situations I developed my well known Podcast, Industries Most Wanted. I’m also a weekend personality on 99.1 FM in Atlanta.

Tell us more about Industries Most Wanted.

2012 I initially stared this brand as a mixtape series and artist showcase. I then named my existing radio show to ‘Industries Most Wanted podcast’
IndustriesMostWanted Podcast is now available on all digital platforms, YouTube, Roku TV, Fire TV & 99.1 FM in Atlanta.

What do you enjoy most about conducting interviews.

I love working with up and coming artists, Business owners etc. Being a part of their journey and providing them with a platform to get seen and heard.

What are some of your future goals?

Well, my most recent goal was met early 2022, I opened my own podcast studio. But looking into the future, I would love to one day have my own TV show on a major network.

Where can people keep up with you?

All social media @TampaMystic and visit

Any words of advice to aspiring content creators?

Be relentless. The entertainment industry is amazing but can be difficult. Work on building solid relationships. Those relationships will open many doors for you.


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