Maidin shares debut single “Celestial Body”

Indie pop meets folk artist Maidin has just revealed her debut single. Called “Celestial Body”, the track is a warm and laid-back contemplation on a relationship just out of reach. On the release, the artist confides, “the first idea for ‘Celestial Body’ came to me on a beach in July, when the moon was out in the middle of the day. It’s a really unsettling thing to see, as I’m sure most people know. I started thinking of the image of a “celestial body” to represent somebody who I would’ve liked to be close with, but this person was keeping me at a distance. A celestial body is something beautiful, that you can admire and love from far away, but you can’t ever reach. Melodically and musically, the song seemed to come out of thin air.” 

Maidin’s vocal performance is impressive with a sweet and inviting vocal tone that is welcoming and reminiscent of a nostalgic lullaby. The minimal production further highlights the captivating melody and poetic lyricism. Take a listen to Maidin’s “Celestial Body” and look forward to more releases from this exciting new artist.


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