Homeboy Sandman Goes Deep Pursuit on New Single “A!”

Queens native and Rap veteran Homeboy Sandman returns with his latest single ‘A!’. With a masterful cadence Homeboy Sandman rhymes over the deep pursuit sounding production, highlighted by its magnificent bassline. “A!” arrives April 1st via Sand’s imprint Dirty Looks.

“A!” was recorded at GAMBODIA in Sunset Park, Brooklyn; mixed and mastered by Darko the Super. The inspiration for the song comes from the beat, produced by Michael Sheahan, and first used by Moses Rockwell on his song “Bard.” Homeboy Sandman explains, “The beat itself inspired me. That bassline is so gorgeous. Moses Rockwell also inspired me. He made a song with the same beat called “Bard.” He sent me a demo of it and I loved it so much I asked him to send me the beat and once I had it in my clutches I was driven to do the type of justice to it that Moses did. The inspiration for the hook is fun and also people that call me “A” (short for “Angel”).”

Along with the new single, Homeboy Sandman launches his Patreon channel. Patrons will be given access into Sand’s creative processes as well as other bonus content including: rough drafts of unfinished songs, explanations of songs, behind the scenes videos, book recommendations, and more. For fans missing Homeboy Sandman’s presence on social media, Patreon is a great way to support, connect, and stay updated with all things Boy Sand. 

Homeboy Sandman’s new single “A!” is out now on his imprint Dirty Looks.

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