Maddie Glass shares pop punk single “Kiss Your Best Friend”

NYC based singer/songwriter and guitarist Maddie Glass has an uncanny ability to write fresh and raw songs with relatable narratives. Her latest single “Kiss Your Best Friend”, is no exception with a candid punk rock delivery sure to impress. In “Kiss Your Best Friend”, the artist ponders what it would be like to get revenge on an ex who did her wrong. With garage rock guitars, confident vocals full of fervor and a seductive melody that lingers, “Kiss Your Best Friend” is a playful pop meets rock banger.

Maddie Glass is not only a musical artist but is also an acclaimed actress performing in numerous Off Broadway productions. The songwriter is deeply influenced by her experiences with dating in her 20s as well as mental health struggles. With a unique sonic flair and a knack for songwriting, Maddie Glass is an artist to watch.

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