Tessa Kaye shares vibrant new single “Sunshine & Rainbows”

Los Angeles based and Utah raised singer/songwriter Tessa Kaye crafts infectious left of center pop that is relatable and seductive. Her latest track is entitled “Sunshine & Rainbows” and is all about “toxic positivity”. Hiding one’s emotions can be dangerous and Tessa Kaye understands all too well the pain that can arise when being asked to bottle up true feelings.

“Sunshine & Rainbows” thrills with effervescent layered vocals, a catchy chorus and an addictive beat. Tessa Kaye is well known for her intoxicating fusion of R&B, pop and electronic. The artist is an advocate for mental health awareness and BLM. Take a listen to Tessa Kaye and remember it’s ok to have true feelings that are not always happy.


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