93FEETOFSMOKE drops single “Oh Nah Oh Nah” featuring Kamiyada+

Photo Finish Records signed artist 93FEETOFSMOKE just dropped his new track “Oh Nah Oh Nah”  featuring trap meets metal star Kamiyada+. 93FEETOFSMOKE, who has built a groundswell of attention around his genre-defying songs and 90s style DIY videos, has notably collaborated with artists Phem and Matt Malpass recently leading up to the release of his full-length project. 

In “Oh Nah Oh Nah” , the song narrates the frustration and anguish from dealing with fake friendships. The track is a cathartic and enthralling mosh pit featuring experimental electric and acoustic guitar, DnB infused production, nostalgic pop punk vocals and trap metal highlights courtesy of  Kamiyada+. Bringing painful truths to life in a raw uninhibited way is nothing new for the artist, who channels his emotions into an elevated thrill ride that keeps his listener’s at the edge of their seats.

With much more to come from this riser, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store.  “Oh Nah Oh Nah” is from 93FEETOFSMOKE’s upcoming album GOODGRIEF, which is set for release later this year. 


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