Lucy & La Mer shares lighthearted new single and video “Don’t It Feel Good”

Catchy, cheerful, curious and relatable are all words to describe Lucy & La Mer and her latest single “Don’t It Feel Good”. The track is a shimmery summer pop tune full of joy and hope. Lucy confides, “After spending most of the last two years at home, I really started to feel my insecurities and self-doubts come back when I started to socialize again. But now, I finally feel ready to get back out there and explore and have FUN.” The song also celebrates Pride month with the openly bisexual artist proclaiming, “Pride month is about community and celebration. I’m releasing this song now because I want to inspire folks to let go and live in the moment, especially anyone who is still feeling the weight of the world around them.” With a vivacious chord progression, electronic-tinged beats and a celebratory chorus, “Don’t It Feel Good” is the cathartic sing-a-long tune for the summer!

Lucy & La Mer’s music touches people all around the world with her honest narratives about dealing with mental health struggles and embracing her true identity. “Don’t It Feel Good” follows last year’s collaboration with Fab the Duo entitled “Weird Year”.


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